Fantasy Fusion Belly Dance Artist

​Kelebek Beyaz

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Advanced Investments needed for further Studies and Performance Troupe

Students who move onto Advanced and have been dancing with the Fusion Fanatics for a period of 1-2 years will be invited to join my professional troupe. Each student will be required to invest in professional costuming in order to perform as part of the troupe at local events, in addition to purchasing a costume for your solo performance(s) and undergo quarterly evaluations.

All students will be responsible for scheduling private lessons to further their studies along with meeting rehearsal times.

Your length of study will be for a minimum of 2 years. However, I would recommend a longer duration of study.

Advanced Student RESOURCES


Intermediate/Advanced Supplies

Levels 1-8 and Mixed Levels 1-3

These sessions are longer than beginners and hence, more supplies need to be purchased in order to make you a more complete dancer. Students will be required to choreograph at least one solo dance, but you will perform at least two solos. Exceptional students may be invited to join the student troupe, The Fusion Fanatics.

(1) Performance Veil: You must purchase a professional quality 3 ft. x 9 ft. veil for your first student recital as well as most of the fusion Intensives. You can purchase these online or at some festivals or events. I would recommend purchasing from Silk Dancer (see my Resources Page) or Farasha and Su'ad Dance Designs. You may also purchase a set of fan veils (optional as I have sets that students may borrow for class only).

(2) Cane or Saida: You will need at least one bamboo or foil cane for your 3rd choreography and for the fusion intensives. I also recommend them for practicing balancing at home. Price range is $15-25. You may purchase one from me during Intermediate levels 2 and 3.

(3) 25 yard Skirt: a large circle skirt will be needed for the Skirt series and the skirt fusion choreography. Magical Fashions has skirts in every color and combination you can think of. 

(4) Knee pads and Yoga Mat: Please purchase a pair of square (non Volley ball) knee pads for Floor work (Beginning with Intermediate level 3). You can get these for around $12 from Discount Dance or Modells. You can get a yoga mat from Kmart, Walmart or Target.

(5) Sword: We will tackle balancing in Intermediate levels 3 and 4 (studies continue during Advanced as well). I recommend a beginners sword to start with.  Beginners swords start at $40-75.  Professional Scimitars will start at $150. If you would like the same sword I perform with, please see me about placing an order. Below is a link for a sword similar to mine:

(6) 12 yard Satin Skirt: You can purchase one from numerous vendors. They are very versatile and great costuming options. I purchased mine from Magical Fashions and Moondance Boutique.

Please note: all of the supplies listed above will used during advanced sessions as well.