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Basic Supplies for Beginners Levels 1-5

What You Need!! 

Please note: this list includes supplies needed for all 4 levels of Beginners Studies in addition to advanced levels. They do not need to be purchased all at once. 

(1) Practice Veil:

All students are required to have a veil to use during class. There are many different types of fabric that you can use for a veil: lame, satin, silk, chiffon, and silk/chiffon blends are just a few examples. I recommend a 2.5-3.5 yard rectangular chiffon veil to start out with. You can purchase a chiffon veil from me for $15.00 prior to the start of your first session. DO NOT USE COTTON! Cotton is too heavy to dance with.

Once you are more comfortable dancing with a veil, you will need to purchase a performance veil (price range is $30-75). I recommend purchasing from Silk Dancer.

(2) Finger Cymbals (Zills):

Turquoise International sells student size B zills (2 1/4 inches) for $28. Do not go with cheaper imitations. Size 2 1/2 is also acceptable ($40). We begin playing Cymbals in Beginners level 3.

(3) Hip Scarves:

Purchase two, 2-3 row coined hipscarves to wear to class and practice at home. and Discount Dance have nice affordable coin scarves for purchase. usually has great deals running throughout the year. I also have some that are available for purchase on the first day of class. They range from $10-25. 

In addition, you should purchase a triangular crocheted hip scarf.

(4) Dance Shoes:

You should purchase a pair of Unisex Half Sole dance shoes by Capezio (H03) from Discount Dance for $15.75. These will protect your feet for spinning and other movements. You may also purchase ballet slippers if you like but no street shoes are to be worn to class.

(5): Binder:

I will provide you with notes for each lesson (most will be via email). I suggest purchasing a binder to keep all of your notes together.

The following items are suggested items for those dancers who plan to continue belly dance studies beyond beginners:

(6) Practice DVDs (Suggested)

There are lots of DVDs available to learn how to belly dance. I am only suggesting these as practice companions. You need supplements to go along with your in class instructional basics:

-Belly Dance: Basics and Beyond with Jenna (WorldDance New York)

-Belly Dance Arms and Posture with Rachel Brice

-Belly Dance Show Basics for Beginners with Tanna Valentine (WorldDance New York)

(7) Practice Music: I will include the title of practice songs in your notes. Below are albums that I also recommend using while practicing at home.

-Tribal Derivations and Contraption Vol. I (Beats Antique)

-Tribal Beats for Urban Streets (Various Artists)

-The Middle East Side (Djinn)

-Shake Em Up-Belly Dance Drum Solos (Carmine Guida)

-Cymbals Speak: Volume 1-Zill Speak (Artemis Mourat) Note: this is an instructional CD.

(8) Class wear: Affordable class gear can be bought from or from DWebb Designs. Mention that you are my student for a big discount.